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Security and Privacy-centric Programmable Access Control Authorization Code for your online applications.


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Cubit auth code benefits

Cubit Auth Code is a widely used method for secure authorization between a client and a server. It provides several advantages, such as: • Enhanced security: The authorization code is a one-time-use code that prevents unauthorized access to your resources. • User-friendly authentication: The user is directed to a login page that is hosted by the authorization server, which provides a seamless and user-friendly authentication experience.• Scalability: Authorization Code Grant is scalable and can handle high volumes of requests, making it ideal for large-scale applications.


With Cubit Authorization Code users can self-minted Tokens in any given time and in any amount, which means that you have full control over the code. Users can customize it to suit your needs, and you don't have to rely on any third-party vendor to issue the requested tokens.

Commerce Compatible

Cubit's Authorization Code are commerce compatible, which means that they can be used for e-commerce transactions. You can integrate them with your online store to provide a secure payment process for your customers.

Cubit utilizes Blockchain technology

Cubit Authorization Code run on the Ethereum network this provides additional security and ensures that the code cannot be tampered with.

What Cubit Authorization Code enables

Cubit can be used for various purposes, such as: • Secure authentication for online applications • Access control for APIs and web services • Authorization for e-commerce transactions • User authorization for mobile apps • Single sign-on (SSO) for multiple applications


All the nodes are required to stake CUBE to secure the decentralization of the Cubit Protocol


Cubit token holders can create and vote for proposals. Token holders are able to vote for protocol upgrades


Cubit will be used as the method of payment for transaction fees occurring on the network

The Cubit Protocol team consists of seasoned engineers, cryptographers, data scientists and cryptocurrency early adopters. Our team has a very deep understanding of cryptographic encryption and zero-knowledge algorithms. The expertise in cryptography has allowed us to deliver impressive results The background of the team consists of both engineering and academic backgrounds.

Team Background

Cubit is a self-minted token. Purchase an access code to mint new tokens in your own wallet and start exploring the new world

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